Carr Head Primary

Our mission statement is to prepare the children of today to flourish in the world of tomorrow through nurturing mind, body and soul.


20/06/2018 - SUN AWARENESS

Following a visit from the school nurse, please be advised that children need to be wearing factor 30+ sun cream on sunny days, sun hats and have their water bottles with them.  Thanks.

11/05/2018 - PARENT PAY


Please remember to activate your account if you have not already done so.  We are not only using this system to pay online, we will be using it to communicate with parents so it is vital that you sign up straight away.  If you have misplaced your activation letter, please let us know so we can send it you again.  Thanks.  Mrs Thornley and Miss Moore!


16/06/2017 - GOOD news!!!

We are delighted to announce the wonderful news that Ofsted identified we are a good school! The latest report can be found under 'policies' and will be published on the Ofsted site on 23rd June.