Carr Head Primary

Our mission statement is to prepare the children of today to flourish in the world of tomorrow through nurturing mind, body and soul.

2016 - 17 usage and impact

 Total Funding 2016-2017 = £9004.00

Carry forward to 2017-18 = £3920.51

PE impact 2016-2017



What it has been spent on







4 x 1 hour ballroom dance lessons for Year 3 and a place in the Blackpool Tower ballroom competition


Engaged all Year 3 children in ballroom dancing

Teacher has better knowledge of how to teach ballroom dancing

Engaged parents into PE curriculum as they are coming to watch the children preform at Blackpool Tower

Developed perseverance and improved concentration


5 in curriculum dance workshops for Year 4 with bespoke lessons

Engaged all Year 4 children in dancing

Teacher is now more confident teaching and assessing dance

88% of Year 4 working at age expectations or more for dance

22% working with greater depth


KS1 Yoga after school sessions


The aim of Yoga is to open up a child's imagination and help to develop children emotionally and physically, improving their concentration, listening skills and social interaction.


Wyre SSP Sports Premium Coaching offer

Dance £200

Multi skills £125

Boccia £125

Tri golf £150

Tag Rugby £170

Playground leaders Training £125

These clubs have helped to build children’s confidence in their own sporting ability and have encouraged teamwork and independence. They have given children the opportunity to learn how to play a new sport. The Playground leaders training has given our Year 5 children a sense of responsibility by working with younger children. It has allowed younger children to be supported when playing games in the playground. This has helped behaviour and structure at lunchtimes.


KS1 Associate Teaching

Improved the quality of existing PE teaching through continuing professional development in PE for KS1 teachers, so that all their pupils improve their health, skills and physical literacy.

Increases participation levels in physical activity through mastering basic fundamental movement skills, increasing confidence and understanding of how to apply these skills in a range of activity areas.

100% of Year 1 children are working at age expectations for FMS Oct 2016

£500 Gymnastics


2 x 5 week in curriculum sessions

2 x 5 week after school

In curriculum sessions for Year 5 and Year 6

88% of Year 5 are working at age expectations for gymnastics


Maths of the day

Provides active maths lessons. Aims to raise children’s attitude to maths. n on

Improved behaviour, providing over 1000 active maths

Improved self-esteem

Improved concentration



Improved self-esteem

Improved concentration

Improved behaviour


Wake Up Shake Up DVD

Enjoyment of school life and a sense of well-being (staff too!)

Improved self-esteem impacting on other curriculum areas: ‘success breeds success’

Improved co-ordination (gross motor skills then impacting on fine motor skills)

Improved rhythm and timing ( this has helped with music and dance lessons)

Improved concentration and application to tasks immediately after the brief exercise session

Increased stamina

Improved behaviour (“when done at the end of lunchtime, playground squabbles are forgotten and afternoon class is much better”)

Improved hydration (children get thirsty and WANT to drink more)


Total £5,083.49