Carr Head Primary

Our mission statement is to prepare the children of today to flourish in the world of tomorrow through nurturing mind, body and soul.


£9000 was received in 2017-18. This has been used to join the local School Sport Partnership for 2017 - 18.

The £3,920 carried forward from 2016 - 17 will be used with any remaining funding from 2017-18 towards enhancing our playground, ensuring sustainable changes to enrich PE provision.

To date, the playground has been enhanced with a 'Daily Mile' track at a cost of £1,250. All classes are encouraged to complete a daily run, ideally 10 times around the track (1 mile).

The area under the trees has been mulched and covered with play bark, extending the space available for physical exercise and providing an interesting environment that will help to promote good mental well being (cost £5,790)

Looking to the future, we plan to enrich the wildlife area to provide a calm and peaceful learning environment.