PE, School Sport & Physical Activity

PE, School Sport and Physical Activity

At Carr Head, we believe that PE, school sport and physical activity is an essential part of the curriculum. Through our PE provision and the use of the Sports Premium, we aim to allow our children to experience a wide range of games, sports and other physical activities in order to promote health and well-being. The Sports Premium also allows our staff to develop subject knowledge and confidence through targeted CPD. Over the last 12 months the grant has been used for:

  • specialised teachers to come into school and work alongside our staff to improve their subject knowledge and confidence which, in turn, improves the provision for the children
  • sports coaches to deliver extra-curricular activities to a range of children
  • participation in the Walk to School initiative so encouraging our children to be physically active
  • participation in inter-school sports competitions so our children experience being part of a team and they learn to win with pride and lose with grace
  • increasing the range of resources and activities available to the children to participate in at lunchtime so allowing them to be more physically active

Through our school sport, PE and physical activity provision, we aim to develop:

  • perseverance to develop the stamina needed to be physically active for sustained periods of time.
  • children’s participation in competitive sports and activities.
  • healthy and active lives for all


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