PE & Sport

PE & Sport

Physical and mental well-being remains a priority at Carr Head. With this in mind we have spent the PE grant to enhance and enrich the curriculum offer to maximise the benefits to all. To date we have introduced the Daily Mile challenge following the installation of a colourful track around the playground. Supplementary to this is the recently developed bark area which has created more usable space for recreation during inclement weather. In 2020 – 22, we will be continuing to develop the area behind the bark in the wildlife area / outdoor classroom. Work is well underway with this. We will also be looking into developing a sensory pathway in school.

We are fortunate to have a wonderful field at the rear of our building and whilst this provides many opportunities, it has terrible drainage issues rendering it often unusable. We initially planned to install a Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) on our field but on further investigation rejected this proposal. Instead we have identified how the whole field can become usable throughout the seasons for all pupils. We are working with the team at OPAL (Outdoor play and learning) to completely re-invent our lunchtime provision in order to maximise physical activity for all children.

As a school we continue to use money from the PE grant to enhance our curriculum provision. Basketball, cheerleading and quidditch are some of the activities provided for different year groups. As these activities take place in curriculum time, it also helps develop teachers’ subject knowledge.

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